UCCSC2009 - Focus on security

University of California Computing Services Conference 2009

Excerpt from a letter to the IT Leadership Council.

Tercero dining commons (DC) building

Excerpt from a letter to UC Davis advisory groups.

Tercero dining commons (DC) building

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The UCCSC2009-Focus on Security Planning Team thanks all sponsors, presenters and attendees for helping to make the conference a great success. We hope that everyone found the conference valuable, informative and fun.

Please tell us how we did and help UCLA begin planning for 2010 by completing the Event Evaluation. Your feedback could go a long way toward ensuring the future of the UCCSC tradition!

Please see the Presentation Materials page for presentations and handouts.  Audio recordings of many sessions are available via iTunes U.

UCCSC Campus Ambassadors List

UC Ambassadors represent their campus at UCCSC and participate in various aspects of annual event planning. The UCCSC2009 planning team has asked the Ambassadors to help evaluate presentation proposals to ensure that the content of the sessions is relevant and useful to a wide range of attendees. Each campus selects one (or sometimes two) Ambassadors. Their active participation contributes to the overall value of this event.

Jon Conhaim UC Berkeley conhaim@berkeley.edu
Ann Mansker UC Davis acmansker@ucdavis.edu
Lyle Wiedeman UC Irvine wiedeman@uci.edu
Greg Bell
Denise Sumikawa
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory grbell@lbl.gov
Chris Patterson UC Los Angeles chris@ats.ucla.edu
Greg Fellin UC Merced gfellin@ucmerced.edu
Carrie Gatlin UC Office of the President carrie.gatlin@ucop.edu
LaRose Edwards UC Riverside larose.edwards@ucr.edu
Parrish Nnambi UC San Diego parrish@ucsd.edu
John Kealy UC San Francisco john.kealy@ucsf.edu
Elise Meyer UC Santa Barbara elise.meyer@ucsb.edu
Bruce Horn
Angela Steele
UC Santa Cruz bhorn@ucsc.edu


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